Farrah Abraham Releases New "Blowin" Music Video Featuring Daughter Sophia: Watch Here!

Entertainment Mar. 17, 2014 AT 5:40PM

Ever wondered what happened to Farrah Abraham's many haters? Well, the former Teen Mom-turned-porn star cleared that up for her fans in her new single "Blowin." 

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In a barely decipherable, autotuned voice, Abraham, 22, declares, "Gotta get that air, that breeze, that wind I need, I'm blowin' these bullies away." So that's where they went! 

This isn't the reality star's first single. She debuted the equally questionable "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" in August 2012. 

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In the disjointed, sometimes disturbing music video, the star of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom alternates from carrying her daughter Sophia, 5, through a giant field while wearing an ethereal white gown to passing out drinks to her closest gal pals at a local bar. 

Farrah Abraham and Sofia
Farrah Abraham and Sofia

Hopping over to social media in the video, Abraham continues belting out the nonsensical lyrics while dancing in the window of her Twitter avatar. As she gyrates in the tiny square, all of her negative Twitter comments turn into messages of support and love. Magic!

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Perhaps this is a technique she learned as the only single cast member of VH1's Couples Therapy, which wrapped last week. 

"Our Last Night!!! #CouplesTherapy @VH1 #Toast #Cheers," she tweeted, followed by, "Cheers to myself #1st :)."

Watch the video above (if you dare), and tell Us what you think below!

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