Feud Alert: LMFAO Vs...Mitt Romney?

Credit: Robert Giroux/Getty Images

Those LMFAO guys. Their name just spells getting into some kinda mischief. The latest high-flying drama in the electro-pop duo's lives? Apparently group MC Sky Blu had a confrontation aboard a recent Air Canada flight from Vancouver, British Columbia as the plane was going to take off.

In a video that hit the Web last Friday, the rapper (who is also the grandson of Motown founder Berry Gordy) laid out his side of the story: he was attempting to catch some Z's, he leaned back, Republican Governor of Massachusetts (and last-time-around Presidential hopeful) Mitt Romney yelled at him to straighten it out until takeoff -- and then grabbed the dude's shoulder in anger (wow, Rom, there are those fangs again!). Some fightin' words ensued (Sky even yelled, "I'm not your prey. I'm not a salmon going upstream. You're not going to rip me up!"). Wowsa!

But I don't need to explain it all: Click here to let my man Blu lay it down for you. Thankfully, nobody got arrested after the fight broke out so LMFAO can keep rolling out more bangers like "I'm in Miami Trick!" Maybe they need to hop a flight there instead when they get a break from their current tour with the Black Eyed Peas!

--By Ian Drew for UsMagazine.com. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.