The announcement that Fuller House was being renewed by Netflix for a second season on Wednesday, March 2, wasn't enough for The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, who is really, really into the show!

So after waxing lyrical about the "fun, nostalgic reboot," the TV star decided to give viewers a special treat – an all new Full House reboot with a pretty amazing twist.

Welcome to Fuller House Nights! The cop drama spinoff from the awesome ‘90s family show, which sees our Full House favorites Dave Coulier, Bob Saget and John Stamos reborn as cops!

Of course, someone had to play the bad guy so that the Full House daddies had someone to interrogate. And it turned out Colbert was happy to flex his acting muscles to oblige.

"The basic premise is that after the Tanner kids go to sleep, the Full House daddies go out to the mean streets of San Francisco and we solve crimes," Stamos said as he introduced the bit.

Check out the hilarious clip in the video above — even the theme song is well worth watching!

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