Gilles Marini Dishes on Brothers & Sisters, Dancing and Sex


Bienvenue, Gilles! (That's French for "Welcome back, Gilles." The exclamation point is universal.) On February 21, the Grasse, France-born actor reprises his role as smoldering painter Luc on Brothers & Sisters (ABC, Sundays, 10 PM). The married father of two, 34, talks to

Us: When we last saw Luc, he had dumped lovelorn Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) and returned to France. Does your return mean that the romance is back on?

Gilles Marini: Absolutely! Luc and Sarah are getting back together but they are going to go through a lot of hurdles. He's gong to bring a lot of complications in the Walker family because of his background. It's at times funny, at times exciting and at times, very sad.

Us: It's been a year since you first turned heads on Dancing With the Stars. Have you dusted off your dancing shoes recently?

GM: Four weeks ago, actually. I did a little show for [pro dancer] Louis Van Amstel's dance show. I actually dance better now than before because of the muscle memory. I like doing shows every once in awhile because it keeps me in shape. It's in my blood now!

Us: Do you and your wife ever go dancing?

GM: Not really. We used to dance a lot, but you know what happened? Two kids. So we listen to music in the house and dance around.

Us: You're a restaurateur too, right?

GM: Yes! I'm co-owner of a new restaurant in Hollywood called La Vida. It's a pretty big restaurant with a huge patio and lounge and it turns into a club at night. It has that old Holllywood vibe. And it's so sexy too! I stop by all the time and see how things are going.

Us: True or false: You're going to return as Dante in the Sex & the City movie sequel.

GM: That's a false. My character was put in the first film to show that Samantha is not a one-guy kind of woman! I'm sure she's moved on to a new cute guy.

-- By Mara Reinstein for