Gwyneth Paltrow strips down to lingerie in Thanks for Sharing.

What a temptress! In the newly released trailer for Thanks for Sharing, Gwyneth Paltrow plays a woman who falls in love with a sex addict (Mark Ruffalo). In one scene, she strips down to lacy black lingerie and grinds against the bedroom door.

In addition to Paltrow and Ruffalo, the film also features Josh Gad, Tim Robbins and Joely Richardson. It also marks Pink's feature film debut; the pop singer uses her birth name, Alecia Moore, in the credits. "It's a very funny movie about recovering sex addicts," Paltrow told Access Hollywood in 2011. "It's a great script."

The movie premiered to mostly favorable reviews during the Toronto Film Festival in 2012. Paltrow explained why she joined the project during a red carpet interview with The Globe and Mail. "There's a line in the movie where somebody says something like, 'Isn't sex addiction just an excuse men use when they get caught cheating?' But actually, it is a real pathology," said the 40-year-old Oscar winner. "It was interesting to learn about it, see what the behavior is and what causes it, and how people are sober. It was very interesting. I learned a lot."

Thanks for Sharing is slated for a Sept. 30 release in the United States.