Hot Shirtless Man Unaware He's Being Filmed While Dancing and Cleaning in Viral Video: Watch!

It’s every girl’s fantasy (and plenty of guys’ too!) — a man cleaning shirtless and dancing to an ‘80s pop classic. That’s exactly what happened when the video “Cleaning Dancing Roommate” was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, Nov. 6. 

In the 30-second clip, a shirtless (and incredibly attractive) man in his underwear is secretly filmed by his roommate while cleaning. It would be much creepier if he weren’t also singing and dancing along to Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train” while doing it. 

The hottie gets in some great moves before noticing the camera, dropping his Swiffer, and exclaiming, “S—t!”

So what do we know about this shirtless wonder? His name is Jimmy Pope (@jimmy_the_pope), and he currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. While many think his moves are God-given, he’s also an after-school volunteer at Guardian Dance, and when he’s not putting those chiseled abs to work, he’s an Industrial Operations Analyst. Sigh, beauty and brains. 

Though he seemed embarrassed when he realized he was being filmed, Pope has since embraced the attention, tweeting about his viral video. 

“Hey Mom! Stick with Facebook. Don’t go on Reddit or Youtube to read the comments hahahaha #jimmythepope #ifeelpretty #willworkforpants,” he joked on Saturday, Nov. 8.