'Idol' Wannabe Faints, "Boob Boxes"

'Idol' Wannabe Faints, "Boob Boxes"

One American Idol wannabe was quite the boob on Tuesday night's show.

Before entering her Chicago audition, Amy Lang admitted she once had erotic dreams about Ryan Seacrest. "Oh my god!" he mouthed before sending her inside to meet the judges.

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During her audition, the energetic Ohio resident, 26, appeared to faint before breaking into Aretha Franklin's "Dr. Feelgood." Guest judge Shania Twain and Simon Cowell looked on in horror.

Then she displayed her special talent: bouncing her boobs in beat with the song.

"Randy, she's boob boxing!" said Kara DioGuardi, riffing off beat boxing.

Cowell's response?

"They're not going to Hollywood."