Insider: Angelina Jolie's Movie Doesn't Involve a Rape Romance


Contrary to reports, Angelina Jolie's directorial debut doesn't involve a rape victim falling in love with her captor, an insider tells

The erroneous story circulated earlier this week when Jolie, 35, was denied a filming permit in Bosnia because no screenplay was attached to the application, as required by law. Reports surfaced that the screenplay wasn't attached because it centered around a Serbian rapist and his Muslim victim. BBC News even reported that the Women Victims of War association said the movie was "misleading history."

A production source tells Us Jolie is upset that this story is making the rounds.

"This is not the story in the script," a source tells Us. "There are people trying to sabotage the movie."

To settle any misunderstandings, the script has been sent to the culture ministry to try and reverse the filming permit decision.

"It is highly likely the script will be reviewed within a day or so," a second source tells Us, "and all of this will be resolved."