Insider: Angelina Jolie's Movie Doesn't Involve a Rape Romance

Entertainment Oct. 14, 2010 AT 1:57PM
Insider: Angelina Jolie's Movie Doesn't Involve a Rape Romance Credit:

Contrary to reports, Angelina Jolie's directorial debut doesn't involve a rape victim falling in love with her captor, an insider tells

The erroneous story circulated earlier this week when Jolie, 35, was denied a filming permit in Bosnia because no screenplay was attached to the application, as required by law. Reports surfaced that the screenplay wasn't attached because it centered around a Serbian rapist and his Muslim victim. BBC News even reported that the Women Victims of War association said the movie was "misleading history."

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A production source tells Us Jolie is upset that this story is making the rounds.

"This is not the story in the script," a source tells Us. "There are people trying to sabotage the movie."

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To settle any misunderstandings, the script has been sent to the culture ministry to try and reverse the filming permit decision.

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"It is highly likely the script will be reviewed within a day or so," a second source tells Us, "and all of this will be resolved."

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