Jake Gyllenhaal Jokes He's "Incredibly Popular" and "I Impress Myself"

Jake Gyllenhaal is so dreamy, he makes Queen Latifah burst into song! On the upcoming Friday, Sept. 20 episode of The Queen Latifah Show, the 43-year-old talk show host had the privilege of chatting with the hunky 32-year-old actor.

When Queen Latifah reached out to hold Gyllenhaal's arm, the Prisoners actor joked, "Uh oh, I feel a song coming." And he was right! "I get to touch him and you don't," she sang. "That's my song. I'm feelin' on Jake Gyllenhaal." 

After taking a moment to compose herself, Queen Latifah asked the handsome star, "Were you popular in school? Because you were acting in school, like were you the man?"

"Yes, I was incredibly popular in school," a stone-faced Gyllenhaal joked. "All the time."

"So you were the most popular in school?" the host asked.

"Yes. End of conversation, yes," he continued with the act. "The most popular all the time." Queen Latifah the asked, "And you're the most popular in real life?"

"Yes, everybody really enjoys me all the time," Gyllenhaal said sarcastically. "There is not one aspect of my personality that is abhorrent, everything I do is shiny, clean . . . it's amazing. I impress myself."

"I LOVE people who impress themselves," Queen Latifah joked.

The Queen Latifah Show debuted on Monday, Sept. 16 and is already a success. The premiere episode, featuring special guests John Travolta and a performance by Willow Smith, was the highest-rated daytime television premiere of the year.

For more on Gyllenhaal's hilarious interview with Queen Latifah, check your local listings to tune in to The Queen Latifah Show on Sept. 20.