Jason Statham's Oiled-Up, Nearly Naked Music Video Past Is Something to Behold

How's this for a happy Flashback Friday? Jason Statham may be a tough-guy action hero now, but back in the '90s, he was putting his talents to use as a featured dancer in some truly awesome music videos.

The Transporter star's go-go dancing past went viral recently, despite the fact that the videos in question were filmed more than two decades ago. No complaints here, though — we'll take a nearly naked, oiled-up Statham any day!

In one of the clips (above), for The Shamen's 1992 song "Comin' On," the now-47-year-old Brit shakes his stuff while wearing nothing but a pair of leopard-print briefs. His moves are mesmerizing, even more so when his image is cloned to create a funhouse-like collage of dancing Stathams. 

Another video, for Erasure's 1994 single "Run to the Sun," shows the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels actor flexing his impressive muscles while shirtless and covered in shimmering silver body paint.

The clip also features another similarly painted model, who — like Statham — strikes a lot of faux-artistic poses while swiveling around the band's singer on a couple of giant balls. (It's even weirder than it sounds, if you can believe it.)

Watch the videos above!