Jay Leno Returns to ‘The Tonight Show’ With a Monologue Full of Political Zingers

He’s back! Jay Leno returned to The Tonight Show on Monday, October 31, to deliver the opening monologue — and no one was safe from his political zingers.

Host Jimmy Fallon claimed he was injured and needed someone to fill in for him. Luckily, Leno, who hosted the show from 1992 to 2014, was ready to go with five minutes of back-to-back jokes. The former late-night host started off with some Halloween-themed quips. 

Hillary Clinton got quite a scare tonight. I guess a trick-or-treater came to the door dressed as a lie detector,” he said before ribbing her Republican rival Donald Trump, saying, “When kids rang his bell and yelled ‘Trick or treat,’ Trump yelled 'trick,' and before the kids could grab any candy, declared bankruptcy.” 

Leno, of course, had to use the opportunity to reference Billy Bush’s vulgar conversation with Trump from 2005. “I had a great costume this year: Earlier tonight, I put a douche bag on my head when I was Billy Bush,” Leno, 66, joked. “As you know, Billy Bush got fired for the outrageous things he and Donald Trump said about women. See, I think Trump should hire Billy. This way, he can grab Bush whenever he wanted.” 

Finally, Fallon, 42, joined back in during Leno’s traditional “The economy’s so bad” bit. “Forbes has a list of richest Americans, and 200 of them just moved back in with their parents,” he said. "In Beverly Hills I saw a woman tanning with the sun.”

Watch Leno’s full monologue and more political impressions in the clips above!

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