Jennifer Aniston Might Be "Pretend Wife"

Credit: Fizcairn/

Divorced once (from Brad Pitt) and currently single, 40 year-old Jennifer Aniston is mulling over the idea of playing "Pretend Wife" -- with Adam Sandler.

The actress may sign on to star opposite Sandler in the romantic comedy Pretend Wife, says the Hollywood Reporter.

With a script once called "Holiday in Hawaii," the Columbia Pictures movie hopes to shoot in early 2010 with a February 2011 release (just in time for Valentine's Day).

If the project goes through (negotiations are still underway), it will mark the first collaboration between Aniston and Sandler, 43. Aniston has two romantic comedies scheduled for release in 2010: The Baster with Jason Bateman and The Bounty with Gerard Butler.

Aniston's last film, October's Love Happens with Aaron Eckhart, was a box office disappointment earning under $23 million in domestic box office.