Jennifer Lopez Says She's "Messed Up" and "Bruised" from AMAs Fall

Entertainment Dec. 3, 2009 AT 2:15PM
Jennifer Lopez Says She's "Messed Up" and "Bruised" from AMAs Fall Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Jennifer Lopez is bruised, but not broken, from falling on her famous backside during her "Louboutins" performance at the AMAs.

On Thursday's Ellen Show, she admits to Ellen Degeneres that she's "messed up" from the fall, explaining that she has a "bruised bone." Although she doesn't specify which bone, the singer tells how the mishap went down.

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"One of the dancer's backs was slippery from sweat and lights and everything," she says of her bare-chested male crew.

"We never bargained for that, because they always had t-shirts on in rehearsal. So they were barebacked, didn't have shirts on for the performance and when I stepped on their backs my feet got wet.  So when I landed it just slipped from under me."

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DeGeneres them hands her a cushion, knee pad and helmet as Lopez prepares to perform "Louboutins" again

"I'm going to try my hardest not to fall on my *ss," Lopez says.

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Quips DeGeneres, "I don't want to see that. It will hurt me."

 "It will hurt me more," Lopez replies.

 (The ensuing performance was accident-free.)

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