Look out, Stevie Nicks — Marcel the Shell is coming for your job! Jenny Slate brought her Marcel the Shell voice to late night on Tuesday, Dec. 16, treating host Conan O'Brien and his audience to a little impromptu performance of a classic Fleetwood Mac song, as sung by her tiny-in-size but big-in-popularity mollusk alter ego.

"I do a lot of covers. [That's] the biggest thing that's going on with Marcel right now," Saturday Night Live alum Slate, 32, told O'Brien. "I recently did one of 'Landslide,' the classic, that made my husband shed a little tear."

Slate's husband is writer-director Dean Fleischer-Camp, with whom she created Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. To date, there have been three Marcel the Shell stop-motion videos; the first premiered at AFI Fest in 2010, while the second and third were posted to YouTube in 2011 and 2014, respectively.

"Maybe he was crying just because he was like, 'Oh, Jenny's crazy. She's gone, man,'" Slate joked of her emotional spouse. "But I think it's 'cause it's beautiful."

At O'Brien's request, she then proceeded to sing a little snippet of her "Landslide" cover. Watch her performance above!