Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen Mock Chris Christie's Traffic Jam in "Born to Run" Parody Song

Baby, we were born to...sit on the George Washington Bridge for several hours a day? New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen took on Gov. Chris Christie's headline-making traffic scandal in a hilarious parody song with future Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The duo -- both in sleeveless denim shirts, red bandanas, and sunglasses -- reworked Springsteen's classic "Born to Run" as "Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam." (Christie is a huge fan of the E Street Band rocker and has said he's been to more than 100 of the Boss' concerts.)

The parody song skewered "Bridgegate" with biting lyrics about being stuck in traffic and then having to listen to Christie's two-hour press conference about the scandal. ("It was longer than one of my own damn shows!" Springsteen joked.)

"Maybe this Bridgegate was just payback / It's a bitch slap to the state Democrats / We gotta get out but we can't / We're stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam," Fallon crooned into the mic.

"Someday, Governor, I don't know when / This will all end," he continued.

"But 'til then, you're killing the working man / Who's stuck in the Governor Chris Christie Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam," Springsteen joined in.

Watch the full video above, and tell Us: What do you think of the parody?