Straight on 'till morning! Jimmy Fallon soared off his New York City soundstage and became Peter Pan on The Tonight Show on Monday, Nov. 17.

The funnyman, 40, got his wings with a little help from actress Allison Williams, the star of NBC's upcoming Peter Pan Live! special. Williams, 26, was on the talk show to promote the TV event, which airs on Thursday, Dec. 4. 

Fallon asked the Girls star about how she will fly in the program. Williams explained that the trick, employed by Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan, and other stage Peter Pans before her, involves a harness and many wires.

"The coolest thing is… I've watched a couple people do it for the first time and everyone has the same expression on their faces, which is just utter joy, and then a couple seconds later, pain," Williams said. "It's a harness, it's pretty uncomfortable, but I just love watching people take flight for the first time."

The brunette beauty then convinced Fallon take his first spin in the sky. After helping the comedian get strapped into his harness, Williams gave Fallon flying instructions, teaching him how to soar in different directions and do a flip in the air. 

Watch as Fallon does his best Peter Pan in the video above!