Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber Have World's Longest Secret Handshake -- Watch!


Handshake goals! Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon showcased their totally epic, minute-and-a-half long secret handshake on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Nov. 19 — and it's something you have to see!

The stunning piece of choreography starts off as your regular handshake/fist bump kind of thing, but quickly morphs into something altogether more awesome.

Via a game of pat-a-cake, the pair moves on to act out fake electric shocks and a hand version of a roller coaster ride.

They do fake vomiting, make a finger popcorn machine, pretend to punch each other, and have a boxing game in the palm of their hands.

Things get even crazier when they shake hands under their legs and hop round in a circle, followed by (because why not?) a hand hug, a butt tap, a real hug, and a real butt tap!

"Happy holidays, man," says Bieber, before heading on his way!

Watch the video above to check out Bieber and Fallon’s impressive skills!

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