Jimmy Fallon Mocks Robert Pattinson for Halloween!

Jimmy Fallon seems to have his Halloween costume all planned out!

The Late Night host channels Robert Pattinson -- complete with tousled hair and a few brooding stares -- in a new video.

In the segment called "Bothered with Robert Pattinson" (watch above), Fallon sits in a tree -- a popular scene from the Twilight film -- and discusses things that annoy him.

"Sometimes when things bother me, I climb up in my tree and I just talk about all the things that bother me, like calendars," he says.

In particular, he's bothered by Halloween.

"Halloween is stupid," he laments. "What kind of holiday is this? Costumes are stupid... Are you a werewolf? No, you're not, you're a person. You can't fool me, jacka**. No candy!"

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The comedian also mocks pumpkins, skeletons, candy corn -- and even his own kind.

"Vampire?" he says of this year's popular costume choice. "Candy. Just kidding! No candy!"