Jimmy Fallon Slaps Jason Statham With Giant Fake Hand During Game of Slapjack: Watch

Risky business! Jimmy Fallon took British action hero Jason Statham on in a game of Slapjack on Wednesday, June 3's The Tonight Show — a game of blackjack with a twist! As Fallon explained, in this card game, the winner gets to whack the loser round the head with a giant fake hand.

Evidently nervous about getting himself in a compromising position against his tougher, more muscular opponent, Fallon told his bald-headed guest the rules before admitting he was "so scared right now!"

Turned out the popular talk show host needn't have worried too much as he took the first round of the game, and was in the preferred position of being left to dish out the penalty to his Spy star guest.

Not that we were expecting him to go for the slap with quite so much gusto!

"That's not true!" a panicked Fallon blurted out as his guest was knocked to the floor with the power of his giant hand slap. "I did not hit you that hard, this is a foam hand, that's not real!" he yelled. "Don't get me back for that!" he begged his hardman opponent, looking worried.

Statham fixed the former SNL comic with a steely stare and looked ready for payback!

Watch the whole video above and see what happened when Statham finally got his chance to floor Fallon!

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