Whoopi Goldberg's got a mouth on her—Jimmy Fallon's mouth, to be exact. Appearing on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, July 16, the View host said she wanted to try interviewing herself, so Fallon instituted a game of Lip Flip.

Lip Flip is one of the more bizarre stunts on Fallon's late-night show. It involves the host and his guest switching mouths through the magic of television and speaking for and as each other. Last night's game was particularly strange, as Goldberg and Fallon decided to give each other a variety of odd accents.

"Welcome back, it's me, Jimmy Fallon!" Goldberg (as Fallon) exclaimed. "It's great to be Irish, Irish, Irish! Hootenman, hootenman. I just love it so much because I get to say things like 'twiddly dee' and 'twiddly do'! Look at me, I wear fancy shoes!"

The "interview" continued for three minutes or so, until Fallon (as Goldberg) said he wanted to sing a duet: "I Knew You Were Waiting for Me" by George Michael and Aretha Franklin. "Hit it, Roots!" he announced.

Watch the video above to see their bizarre Lip Flip duet!