Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People Godzilla Is Based on a True Story: See Their Reactions!

Entertainment May. 20, 2014 AT 1:10PM

Somehow the majority of the world missed the giant, city-destroying lizard that overtook Tokyo in 1954—at least, according to Jimmy Kimmel. The late night host capitalized on the latest Godzilla remake, testing unsuspecting bystanders' knowledge of the monster's background … and existence. 

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"We went on Hollywood Boulevard this afternoon and insinuated that Godzilla is based on an actual event," Kimmel told his Jimmy Kimmel Live audience on Monday, May 19. "We asked, 'Considering Godzilla is based on the true story of the giant lizard attack on Tokyo that killed more than 100,000 people in 1954, do you think it's wrong that Hollywood glamorized this for entertainment?' I will admit, not too many people bit on this one, but some of them did."

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Jimmy Kimmel convinces people that Godzilla is based off a true story.
Jimmy Kimmel convinces people that Godzilla is based off a true story.
Credit: Warner Bros; Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images (inset)

He then aired a clip from the show's popular "Lie Witness News" segment, showing the reactions and responses from those duped by the fib.  

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One girl, wearing a crown of daisies, adamantly bashed Hollywood for profiting off such a tragedy, saying, "If it affects the people that were affected, and then there's the people who passed away during that time, so it's kind of like they are glamorizing their death."

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Watch the rest of the clip to see how the other's responded! 

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