She's back! More than 10 years after JoJo topped the charts with her hit singles "Leave (Get Out)" and "Baby It's You," the R&B singer has made her grand return. 

The early 2000s favorite, now 24, debuted her first new song in years on Wednesday, April 15. While she gave it little promotion, "Far From Heaven" made its way online and counted thousands of plays in its first few hours. 

The sultry single has the songstress crooning, "So far from heaven with nowhere to run / Should've seen it coming, but we followed the sun / Far from perfect in this universe / No use fixing the things that never work / So far from heaven / So far from heaven." 

JoJo, who dropped her first studio album at just 13 years old, hasn't released an official original single since 2011's "Disaster." The aptly titled track was expected to introduce the singer's third album, which never saw the light of day. 

The "Too Little Too Late" performer was in an ugly battle with her record label Blackground for years, but finally reached a settlement after filing a lawsuit in New York for her release from the contract. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times broke the news that JoJo had found a new future in Atlantic Records.

The artist, who released her High Road sophomore album in 2006 and an EP of covers called #LoveJo in February 2014, is expected to finally debut her third album in the coming months. Take a listen to "Far From Heaven" above!