Justin Bieber: "I'm a Great Kisser"

Credit: Jun Sato/WireImage.com

Pucker up!

Justin Bieber,
16, announced on the "Johnjay and Rich" radio show that he's already made out with "a couple of chicks."

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"I'm a great kisser," he adds.

Points out one of the hosts, "You have nice, full lips."

"I don't know why you're saying that!" says Bieber, who was just nominted for a Best New Artist BET Award.

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The "Baby" singer hasn't kissed anyone in the Range Rover his mentor Usher gifted him for his 16th birthday, but has pulled over while driving.

"I mean, if you're driving, you make a little stop... you know, the Wal-Mart rest stop, you're good,” he says.


Bieber recently went on a dinner date with Miley Cyrus, 17, but he says they're "just hanging out" and he's single.