Kim Kardashian "Back from the Dead" Thanks to Billionaire

Credit: Markus Klinko and Indrani

Kim Kardashian has been revived -- on Twitter.

On Monday, the reality star, plus other celebs like Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Kim's sister Khloe and more, were able to Tweet once more after raising $1 million for Keep a Child Alive, which provides HIV/AIDS relief in Africa and India.

"I am back from the dead!" Kardashian, 30, Tweeted. She and her fellow stars had staged "Digital Deaths" on Dec. 1 -- Kim and others posed in coffins -- to raise awareness and funds for the effort. "Thank you all so much for your donations and contributions! I have missed u all so much!!!"

But the New York Post's Page Six reports that celebs staging "Digital Deaths" ultimately had to rely on one deep-pocketed billionaire -- not their fans -- to reach the $1 million goal. The paper reports that pharmaceutical tycoon Stewart Rahr donated $500,000 to the campaign after other donations had seriously stalled.

"It's the worst mismanagement of star power I've ever seen in my life," a source close to the program told Page Six.