For Cosmo Kramer, Jerry Seinfeld was good for two things: friendship and food. Seinfeld's eccentric neighbor became known for his habit of mooching food off of the comedian — a pattern that is exhaustively chronicled in a hilarious new video. 

A newly viral supercut captures such scenes from the nine years of the beloved series. 

Titled simply "Kramer Stealing Food From Jerry," the clip opens with a shot of Seinfeld and Kramer (Michael Richards). The latter bursts into Seinfeld's iconic apartment, looking typically flustered when he sees that his friend is there. 

Following their awkward small talk, Seinfeld gets to the point, asking Kramer directly, "You want food, don't you?"

The tall, frizzy-haired sidekick is then shown barging in on Seinfeld time and time again, asking repeatedly, "You got any…" Kramer seeks out everything from meat to shredded coconut to pickles to pepper. 

Take a trip down memory lane and watch the hysterical clip above!