Lady Gaga Kicks Off MTV VMAs With Bizarre Head in Box, Intense Facial Expressions

Lady Gaga's opening number at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 25, was a sight to behold -- but the quirky songstress kicked off her number by getting up close and personal with her fans. Gaga, 27, began her highly anticipated performance with a close-up of her face in a white box and a host of bizarre facial expressions as she warmed up into an electrifying rendition of "Applause."

The pop singer fluttered her eyelashes as she slowly opened her eyes and belted operatic notes as she stared directly into the camera.

From there, Gaga only got more creative, undergoing several costume changes while she danced onstage, showing off her enviable body in getups that became increasingly skimpy.

At one point, the provocateur stripped down to two seashells that barely covered her breasts and a tiny bikini bottom made up of colorful shells.

Check out the Vine video of Gaga's memorable opening number above!