LOL! Kris Jenner Sings in Cheesy, Homemade 1985 Music Video

Crank up that synthesizer and puff up those shoulderpads!

Hollywood wife Kristen Kardashian -- now Kris Jenner, 55 -- celebrated her 30th birthday in November 1985 the normal way: She recorded a love song to her pals, "I Love My Friends," with a hilariously cheesy, super-low-budget music video to go along with it!

In the unearthed clip, Jenner (sporting one awesome 80s getup after another) sings about her glam, fun life and fabulous friends while driving through Beverly Hills in a convertible, running on a treadmill, sipping champagne in a bubble bath and lying in bed with a bevy of Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Sings the mom to Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian: "We're big on carpools/[jeweler] Judith Lieber/bible study/Cheesecake showers, birthday parties, Valentino's/Church on sunday...Everybody's very happy!"

Throughout the video, Jenner's famous and not-so-famous pals pop up in snapshots and home videos: Michael Jackson, Linda Evans...and OJ Simpson.

And, yes, her adorable young daughters Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe (listed as the songwriters in the credits) cameo at the very end of this unforgettable clip.

Watch now!