Matt Damon Acts Out His Movies in 8 Minutes on James Corden's Late Late Show

Matt Damon took his fans on a fabulously nostalgic trip down memory lane on Tuesday, Sept. 29 — when he acted out scenes from all the movies he's ever starred in, with a little help from James Corden.

The actor, who has been doing the rounds of late-night shows this week, was Corden's Late Late Show guest last night. And to pay homage to Damon’s impressive body of work, Corden invited the 44-year-old star to do a quick whizz through all his films.

Starting with Good Will Hunting, the duo sped through Damon's most memorable roles, with the movie star playing the parts he's become famous for, and host Corden playing his sidekick (and fairly frequently, a female sidekick too!)

The pair became soldiers for Saving Private Ryan, giant red krill for Happy Feet Two, and space men for Damon's latest release, The Martian.

The actor even reprised his fan-favorite role of Jason Bourne (three times!), knocking show host Corden out by using a variety of his best secret agent power moves!

Watch the whole, hilarious montage in the video above!

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