Matt Damon, Jennifer Garner, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and More Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live: Video

The haters are back! Jimmy Kimmel shared his sixth installment of Mean Tweets last night, which features celebrities reading harsh and cruel comments about themselves -- for the audience's enjoyment. As some stars couldn't help but laugh, others gave it right back to the tweeter. Click here for the worst celebrity Twitter gaffes.

"That 'butter' that they put on your popcorn at movie theaters?" John Goodman said aloud. "It's actually made from John Goodman's ball sweat." 

Jennifer Garner, meanwhile, also received a nasty tweet. "Jennifer Garner looks like a duck's vagina," the actress read. Her response? "That's not very nice."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt tried his best to look upset for his moment. "My mom thinks that Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like a Q-tip," he shared.

"I wanna pee in Sarah Silverman's face. No reason behind it," the comedienne said. "No reason needed!" she quipped.

Tom Hanks' diss was a bit more lengthy. "Whatever. Tom Hanks is a whiner. Oh boo hoo, so you have a tropical island all to yourself. F--k you. I have a turtle sandbox, bitch," the Saving Mr. Banks star chimed in. 

As for a former teen idol? "Rob Lowe looks like skin cancer," the former Parks and Recreation star chose to read to the camera.

The A-listers weren't shy about poking fun at themselves, but, as always, Kimmel saved the best for last. His pal Matt Damon read a tweet that the host himself wrote about him. "Too bad they don't give an Oscar for blowing ass because Matt Damon would win every year," the Monuments Men actor read. "Go buy another zoo and live in it, Bourne I-d--khead. #NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK." Mid-bashing, the camera panned out to reveal Kimmel in the corner mouthing the tweet to himself. (Kimmel is known for teasing at the end of each night's show that he doesn't have time to interview the actor.)

Other stars that bravely stepped up to the mean tweets plate included Cate Blanchett, Jon Hamm, George Clooney, Bill Murray, Tim Robbins, and more.

Watch the video above!