Miley Cyrus' Onstage Joint Smoking Censored for U.S. Broadcast of MTV EMAs

Entertainment Nov. 11, 2013 AT 8:45AM
Miley Cyrus smoking a joint at the 2013 MTV EMAs in Amsterdam
Miley Cyrus smokes a joint onstage during the MTV EMA's on November 10, 2013 in Amsterdam Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

MTV -- the American original, that is -- is not as 420-friendly as its European counterpart. For her latest stunt, Miley Cyrus lit up and smoked a joint, presumably the marijuana kind, on live television during the MTV European Music Awards (EMAs) on Sunday, Nov. 10 in Amsterdam.

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Although pot is perfectly legal in the Netherlands, it's of course not-so-sanctioned in the U.S.. Which is why when the EMAs were rebroadcast in the U.S., the "Wrecking Ball" singer's onstage smoke-up was censored and completely removed from the aired awards.

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In the edited-for-America version, Cyrus, 20, ascended the stage in a very, very skimpy white leotard and white fur stole. After she's accepting her Best Video Award for "Wrecking Ball," the camera panned to shots of the audience looking on. In the original European broadcast version, the former Hannah Montana star was filmed taking a joint out of her Chanel purse and lighting up.

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"No one was expecting it to happen," a show source tells Us Weekly of the incident. "It was so brazen, so shameless. It was so uncalled for."

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