Juliette Barnes' biggest fear has been realized.

After reluctantly taking in her alcoholic mother (Sylvia Jefferies), the country music star (Hayden Panettiere) realizes the only person she can count on is herself in a sneak peek from the Wednesday, Nov. 7, episode of ABC's Nashville.

"It's too quiet in here," Juliette says when she arrives at her mansion. She then repeatedly calls out for her mother but never gets a response. "She's always in here watching TV. Where is she?"

Juliette then walks through the kitchen and down the hall before reaching one of her guest rooms. When she opens the door, the "Love Like Mine" singer discovers her mother lying face-down on the bed with a strange man by her side. Juliette also notices several alcoholic beverages and a bottle of pills on the nightstand. "Damn it," she says.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.