Norman Reedus Shoots Stoned Saturday Night Live Star Pete Davidson, Mistaking Him For a Zombie: Watch the Funny Moment!

Zombie apocalypse or group of stoners? Saturday Night Live’s “Resident Young Person” Pete Davidson stopped by the Weekend Update desk on April 4 to talk about the March 29 season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

A paranoid Davidson, 21, explained that watching The Walking Dead gives him anxiety, and co-anchor Colin Jost told him to relax. 

“It’s only a show,” Jost said.

“Is it, or is it a glimpse into our near future?” a wide-eyed Davidson asked. 

The relative SNL newcomer went on to explain that because he smokes a lot of weed, it will likely take him hours to even realize that the zombie apocalypse has started.

“When I’m high it’s really easy to mistake me for a zombie,” Davidson continued. “My eyes are glazed and bloodshot, I’m sluggish, I’m hunched over and shuffling, because that’s how I walk normally.” 

Further proving his point, Davidson then got shot in the chest with an arrow from The Walking Dead hottie Norman Reedus, dressed as his fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon. When Jost explained that Davidson isn’t a Walker, Reedus, 46, replies, “What about this complexion? Ain’t no living thing’s got that color. And he’s so slow-moving and confused.”

“It’s just good weed, man!” Davidson exclaimed. 

Watch the rest of the clip to see what happens next!