Once Upon a Time Kills Off a Major Character: Reactions (Spoiler!)

Once Upon a Time Kills Off a Major Character: Reactions (Spoiler!)

Warning: Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the Sunday, Dec. 6, episode of Once Upon a Time, do not read on.

Captain Swan shippers suffered some major heartbreak in the winter finale of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, Dec. 6. The episode, appropriately titled, “Swan Song,” featured the swashbuckling (and insanely sexy) Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) sacrificing himself in order to die as the man he always wanted to be.

Now, whether that death is permanent remains to be seen; the new Underworld was introduced, and we know that Hercules and Megara are soon joining the fairy-tale characters. But that didn’t make his final moments any less tragic.

In a scene very reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s emotional Season 2 finale (Buffy + Angel 4 Evah!), Hook takes the darkness into Excalibur and then has his love, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), drive the sword into him, ending his life.

Naturally, Hook fans took to Twitter in droves, mourning the loss of their antihero.

@TabbyCatten wrote, “Can we have both #PapaHook and Captain Hook back from the Underworld or is that asking too much, #OUAT needs more Hooks @OnceABC.”

Another tweeter also commented, “i really didn't need to be sobbing over captain hook and emma swan tonight but here i am #OUAT.”

But some devoted fans don’t think this is the end for Captain Swan.

“Thank u @OnceABC for this incredible & beautiful love story! We can't wait to see Emma save Hook! #CaptainSwan #OnceUponATime,” one shipper wrote.

Tell Us: Do you think Captain Hook should come back on Once Upon a Time?

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