Oops! Bethenny Frankel Flashes Audience on Anderson Cooper's Show

The audience at Anderson was pleased when it found out it had tickets to the gun show as host Anderson Cooper and his guest Bethenny Frankel dropped to the floor in a push-up contest.

But what they were not expecting was when Frankel, 41, accidentally flashed her underwear at them!

As the Bethenny Ever After star, who was wearing red high heels and a knee-length dress assumed push-up position, her skirt flew up and exposed her pink underwear to one half of the audience.

Shocked, Frankel immediately sat back on her heels while Cooper was heaped in a fit of laughter across from her.

"How did it look?" the star, who was thankfully wearing briefs, asked the audience.

"That whole side of the room is like, 'Yes!'" Cooper said, raising his arms in the air, "and this side is like, 'What did we miss?!'"

Watch Frankel's snafu above!