Paul Rudd Reveals His Embarrassing Moment From 'Ant-Man' Shoot: Watch!

Paul Rudd Reveals His Embarrassing Moment From 'Ant-Man' Shoot: Watch!

An ant can lift 5,000 times its body weight — but Paul Rudd's physical prowess is a bit more limited. The Ant-Man star, 46, reveals in Us Weekly's exclusive behind-the-scenes video that things got a little embarrassing for him during his stunt scenes.

The behind-the-scenes footage shows Rudd strapped to harnesses and diving into the padded ground while shooting the Marvel hit, which the actor admits took its toll.

"I'm rolling around, I'm doing flips, and after about 30 minutes [sighs] I'd say, 'I need to take 10 minutes — it's supertiring,'" Rudd says.

However, he realized that stuntman Colin Follenweider was never in need of a breather.

"And Colin, who's doing things like falling three stories and landing on a metal bar and then flipping over again, would just do it all day," the I Love You, Man star continues. "Never complained."

To hear Rudd's costars Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Corey Stoll discuss the attributes that made Rudd a success in the role, watch the video above.

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