Penelope Cruz Proves She’s a Dubsmash Star on Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show'!

A total pro! Penélope Cruz needed no introduction to the Dubsmash app when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show on Wednesday, February 10 — because she's already an expert!

The Zoolander 2 star was excited to join her show host for a game of Dubsmash, but as Fallon revealed before his and Cruz's game began, the Spanish beauty is already experienced!

Revealing a completely hilarious video of Cruz, 41, using her best acting skills to totally nail a voice dub, Fallon asked his guest to explain the clip.

"I was in Rome shooting Zoolander, one of those times when you're waiting around for two hours, and I think I did 100 of those!" she admitted, laughing.

Would she do some with Fallon? "I'd love to!" Cruz replied.

The brunette beauty wasn't told ahead of time what her role would be, but she was given a long blonde wig to wear, while Fallon donned a beret.

The result was a pretty cute Frozen moment that we're sure her kids, Leo and Luna, will enjoy!

Watch the funny video above.

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