PIC: Anderson Cooper Faces Fear of Heights, Hangs 100 Ft. Above Studio Set

Entertainment Oct. 26, 2011 AT 11:27AM
PIC: Anderson Cooper Faces Fear of Heights, Hangs 100 Ft. Above Studio Set Credit: Warner Bros./Ali Goldstein

Anderson Cooper is going to great lengths to conquer his fear of heights.

On Wednesday's episode of his syndicated talk show Anderson, the journalist, 44, moderates a discussion on overcoming fears, and attempts to conquer one of his own.

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As this sneak preview image shows, Cooper -- with coaching from Dr. Todd Farch, the Director of Intensive Program for Panic Disorders and Specific Phobias -- gets suspended 100 feet high above his audience in his studio overlooking New York City's Columbus Circle.

"Bye seems so final. Now this is high!" Cooper says on Wednesday's show, as he is brought up to the suspension height by a cherry picker.

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Speaking candidly about his phobia, Cooper tells his audience that his fear of heights kicked into high gear after his brother, Carter, committed suicide after jumping off a balcony in 1988. "After that, I started to have a visceral reaction to heights," Cooper explains.

As Dr. Farch coaches Cooper, the newsman eventually becomes at ease with his new surroundings.

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"Now I can be the understudy in Spider-Man like I always wanted to be," he joked after being suspended. "Wow, all right."

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