PIC: Angelina Jolie Meets Justin Bieber

Credit: twitter.com

Is Angie a Belieber?

Angelina Jolie met fellow superstar Justin Bieber on the red carpet at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Bieber's pal "jonmchu" posted a TwitPic of the big-time encounter the next day. Serene Jolie, 35, who wore a sequined green Versace gown, towered over Bieber, 16, wearing D&G and oversized 3D purple sunglasses.

The teen phenom was starstruck at his first-ever Globes. "Backstage at the Golden Globes," Bieber Tweeted. "Everyone is here. This is nuts!!"

The singer name-checked a few of the A-listers. "Halle Berry was at my table. Badass...[Robert] De Niro is the man...Yesterday was crazy. still kind of hard to believe who was in that room. Grateful!"