PIC: See Armie Hammer, As The Lone Ranger, Ride His White Stallion

Armie Hammer filming "The Lone Ranger" in Arcadia, California on September 27, 2012. Credit: Cousart/JFXIMAGES.com

Hi-yo, Silver!

Armie Hammer practiced his horse-taming skills on the set of The Lone Ranger in Arcadia, Calif. Thursday afternoon.

The hunky Social Network star, 26, is playing the iconic, masked ex-Texas Ranger in a big screen reboot of the radio and TV western alongside Johnny Depp, who has been cast as Tonto. In the on-set shot, a masked Hammer, astride a white stallion, lifts his cowboy hat as his horse, Silver, rears. (Before galloping off, the Lone Ranger shouts his signature catchprase, "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!")

Earlier this year, Hammer spoke to Access Hollywood about how their retelling differs from the original, revealing that their take on the story is a little more complex than the popular series of the 1940s and '50s.

"It's less of that two-dimensional same kind of like, Prince Charming thing, and more of like, the human underneath that," he explained of his character. "But in a way that's fun to watch."

Added the actor, "It's a little bit more badass and a little more realistic."

The Mirror, Mirror standout also admitted he's glad filmmakers decided to take a slightly different direction with the costumes.

Said Hammer, "I'm really glad they didn't go with this like, skintight, baby blue, Lycra jumpsuit that the old Lone Ranger was wearing!"