Pretty Little Liars: Hanna Calls Sexy Halloween Costume "Torture"

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna Calls Sexy Halloween Costume "Torture"

For the Pretty Little Liars cast, looking super-sexy can sometimes be torture. Just ask Ashley Benson's character Hanna, who just can't get comfortable in her Edwardian costume on PLL's Halloween-themed episode.

Attending a party in a graveyard on the Tuesday, Oct. 22 show, Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) join Hanna in period costumes as they hunt for Alison and try to avoid 'A.'

"There's four of us and one of him," Spencer reasons in the video clip above when the girls worry that 'A' could be out for blood. Adds Aria: "Yeah, and that him might be carrying a weapon."

That's when Hanna can't help but freak out over her sexy Halloween get-up -- one that could prevent her from running away from potential trouble. "All we've got are these 20 pound hats!" she counters. "I can't run from the enemy."

Later, Hanna -- wearing the sexiest costume of the PLL girls -- struggles with her form-fitting undergarments. "This girdle is cutting off my air supply," she yelps of her corseted bustier dress. "It's torture! People actually wore this crap? I'm never again complaining about a sports bra."

Watch more of Pretty Little Liars' Halloween show in the clip above before the full episode airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. (EST) before the new spin-off series Ravenswood.