Is Ashley Marin telling the truth about being out of town the night detective Darren Wilden was murdered? In the June 25 episode of Pretty Little Liars, the single banker continues to raise eyebrows as her whereabouts come into question. After learning that her daughter Hanna found her muddied heels in the trash, she decides to address the situation.

"I do not appreciate you spying on me," Ashley (Laura Leighton) tells her.

"I was not spying," Hanna (Ashley Benson) retorts. "I just happened to look in the wastebasket." Given her daughter's propensity for getting into trouble, Ashley fires back, "You deliberately looked."

Hanna accuses her mom of providing a false alibi, but as Ashley reminds her, "I do not have to account for myself to you."

"Mom, I don't care about the stupid play, all right?" Hanna yells. "But why would you lie about it?" Ashley then pleads with her daughter to not "ask me any more questions." Just before she leaves Hanna's room, Ashley stops and says, "Hanna, if anyone asks you . . . don't lie. Just don't say anything."

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday, June 25, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family.