Pretty Woman Reunion: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere Revisit the Movie's Most Iconic Scenes

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Richard Gere could use a tour guide for his stroll down memory lane. Reuniting with his Pretty Woman costars Julia Roberts, Hector Elizondo, and Laura San Giacomo for a 25th anniversary special on the Today show recently, the veteran actor, 65, was at a loss to remember some of the film's most iconic moments.

"How about the scene — I guess it's the makeover scene — where your character goes to pick Vivian up at the hotel for dinner, and she's waiting for you in the lounge?" Today co-anchor Matt Lauer asked the Runaway Bride leading man during part two of the reunion, which aired on Wednesday, March 25.

Roberts, 47, recited her line with ease. "You're late," she recalled, trying to jog Gere's memory of the 1990 classic rom-com.

"I don't remember this scene at all," he replied, shaking his head. "What do you want me to say? I don't remember!"

(As Pretty Woman devotees surely know, Gere's line is, "You're stunning," to which Vivian says, "You're forgiven.")

"Where's Grodin when you need him?" Lauer joked, referring to actor Charles Grodin, who was also in talks to play Edward Lewis. "Isn't it heartbreaking when the guy you went on a date with can't remember the date?"

Gere had trouble recalling other details, too, like what was in the jewelry box he snapped on Roberts' fingers. "Was it a ring in there?" he asked his costar.

"It was a necklace," she said. "I swear he was there!"

Fortunately, the Nights in Rodanthe star had a better handle on the rest of the scene, which — as director Garry Marshall shared — was supposed to just be an outtake for the gag reel.

Watch the videos above to see what the cast said about other iconic moments, including the famous bathtub scene!