Price Is Right Contestants Think iPhone 6 Costs $7,500: Watch the Hilarious Video

Game show fail. Two Price Is Right contestants revealed that they have absolutely no idea how much a new 16GB iPhone 6 costs when they had to guess the retail price on a recent episode of the game show.

The first contestant, Yorkquincia, started off the puzzling segment when she clocked in her answer at $7,500. Not to be outdone, contestant Mark next estimated the in-demand gadget to be $7,501.

As for the other two competitors? They buzzed in more reasonable, three-figure prices. (Must be iPhone owners!)

The audience was taken aback by Yorkquincia and Mark's answers. Even host Drew Carey couldn't help but laugh, adding with a grin: "I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this."

The retail price of the phone and a one-year calling plan actually came to $1,969.

Watch the hilarious video above now!