Revenge Star Emily VanCamp: It's Fun to "Kick Some Ass" on TV!

Credit: John M. Heller/Getty Images

It's good to be bad -- just ask Emily VanCamp, the breakout star of ABC's hit series Revenge.

"I'm having a blast," the 25-year-old tells the new issue of Us Weekly (out now). On the thriller, VanCamp plays an orphan who's hell-bent on getting even with the people who framed her father and destroyed his life.

"She's taking down these people [in New York's The Hamptons] -- and it's really fun to kick some ass for the first time in my career!"

Despite her character's devious ways -- she assumes a new identity to take down her father's enemies -- VanCamp insists she isn't all bad.

"She's quite justified in what she's doing. I mean, these people stole everything from her. They're horrible people who do really bad things," she tells Us. "The revenge is a way for her to stay connected to her father. The moment she forgives is the moment she has to let him go."

For more from VanCamp -- including how her Revenge costars compare to her friends on Brothers & Sisters -- pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands Friday!