Review | The Hills

Us Rating: ***

Gather round: The season six opener is filled with shocking confrontations, juicy rumor-mongering and, as Kristin Cavallari puts it, "drama, drama, drama!" The fun starts during a group vacay in Miami, where Audrina Patridge and Cavallari inexplicably vie for Brody Jenner. While that triangle initially feels as played out as Jenner's pickup lines, it takes a dark turn when Cavallari's wild partying raises brows ("She’s cracked out," alleges frenemy Lo Bosworth). Adding nicely to the tension: Stephanie Pratt's sobriety. (As she notes, "I'm only 23, and I've been to jail twice. Like, that's not normal.") But nothing tops the suspense surrounding Heidi Pratt's plastic surgery–enhanced face and body. In an act of clever plotting, New Heidi isn't revealed until she visits her family in Colorado. Their horrified reaction -- mom Darlene cries -- is one of reality TV's most riveting (and truly real) moments in memory. Keep it coming! (MTV, 10 P.M.)