Review | Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

Credit: Oxygen Media Photo: Michael Lavine

Airing: Monday 4/5

Us Rating: ***

After fretting that work is taking precedence over family life, Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, decide to take their brood --adorable tots Liam, 3, and Stella, 22 months--along with gay couple (a.k.a. "the guncles") Scout Masterson and Bill Horn, across the country in an RV. (McDermott does the driving.)

Along the way in this season-five premiere, they stop at offbeat landmarks (an ostrich farm! a Cadillac junkyard!) and, in the most poignant sequence, Spelling tears up while visiting dad Aaron's working-class Dallas neighborhood. Overall, this is a sweetly satisfying lark, and the appealing twosome endear with their opposites attract banter (during one stop in the boonies, Spelling half-kids, "Didn't you see The Hills Have Eyes?!"). Cute. For now. In coming episodes, though, the lovebirds start to--oh, no--argue about McDermott's race-car driving, their hectic careers and more. Please, don't let this turn into Tori & Dean Plus Hate! (Oxygen, 10 P.M.)

--John Griffiths