Review | True Grit

Entertainment Jun. 7, 2011 AT 3:40PM
Review | True Grit Credit: Lorey Sebastian


Us Rating: ****

In this bull's-eye of a Western, nominated for 10 Oscars, a no-nonsense 14-year-old (Hailee Steinfeld) hires a drunk (Jeff Bridges) to track her dad's killer (Josh Brolin). The Coen Brothers (No Country for Old Men), who wrote and directed, deliver a deadpan yarn about a girl's ability to affect men around her. Boosted by colorful supporting characters (like Matt Damon's dandy lawman) and a tight story that runs like a prize mare from start to finish, the remake transforms the macho 1969 classic into 2010's wisest girl-power movie. (Paramount, $30)


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