Review: Angelina Jolie Is a "Deadly Weapon" in Salt

Opens: Friday 7/23

Us Rating: ***

Angelina Jolie is one deadly weapon in this breathless political thriller about Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who may have been planted by Russians to assassinate their own president -- and relaunch the Cold War.

As directed by Phillip Noyce, Jolie's spy resembles the kind of impossible-to-kill heroes that Harrison Ford played more than a decade ago: She overcomes all her opponents despite being outnumbered, slaying one with a vodka bottle and strangling another with the chains that bind her wrists.

PHOTO: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Salt premiere

But Jolie (who speaks Russian in some scenes) also adds a feminine touch, wearing multiple wigs and covering up a surveillance camera with her black bikini panties. Sure, much of the action's unfeasible. But at least Salt kicks off her pumps before sprinting, proving that even this superwoman can't run in heels.