Review: Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Mirrors Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen in FX's Anger Management. Credit: Greg Gayne / FX

Air Date: Thursday 6/28

Us Rating: ***

He's been absent from TV for 16 months, but Charlie Sheen hasn't lost his chops. It helps that his new agreeable-enough comedy on FX, Anger Management, mirrors his previous one, Two and a Half Men.

Sheen's Charlie Goodson, a rage-filled baseball star turned anger-management therapist, is just a slightly more evolved version of Men's incorrigible commitment-phobe, Charlie Harper. And the writing style seen in these back-to-back episodes -- ceaseless sarcastic jabs from loved ones, hit-or-miss sex jokes, exaggerated dating dilemmas -- is nearly identical.

When Charlie makes amends to a kooky old fling who's still smitten, Sheen handles the farce with casual aplomb, even as dizzying amount of supporting characters is introduced. There's his jaded squeeze (Selma Blair), his smarmy ex (Shawnee Smith), his OCD-suffering daughter (Daniela Bobadilla) and two therapy groups of punch line-happy eccentrics.

But ultimately, it's Sheen who sells Anger's easy humor. With his own high-profile troubles, he disarms in a role that clearly hits home.