Ryan Seacrest Mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for Dead ‘Ghost’ Actor: Watch the Awkward Moment

Ryan Seacrest Mistakes Jeffrey Tambor for Dead ‘Ghost’ Actor: Watch the Awkward Moment

So cringeworthy! Ryan Seacrest made an awkward mistake on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and he was totally called out by guest Jeffrey Tambor. Watch the moment above.

The TV host, 42, listed a few of the actor’s credits and then said that he loved Tambor as "the scary guy on the subway" in 1990’s Ghost. But the Transparent actor, 72, wasn’t in that movie.

“Oh, this is horrible. You’re going to be embarrassed. That’s not me,” Tambor deadpanned. “It’s Vincent Schiavelli.” Seacrest replied, “No wonder it wasn’t in anybody’s notes. I was like, 'I think he’s the scary guy from Ghost.'”

Tambor continued, "Wow, here we go. He’s dead.” Kelly Ripa tried to ease the tension, saying, "But you’re still here!”

The Larry Sanders Show actor took it all in stride and jokingly pretended to be offended by the mix-up. “We tried to book Vincent Schiavelli, but he’s passed away and here I am,” he said, as they flashed a photo of the late actor on the screen. “What is wrong with you? I came on to sell a book, not to be insulted. I am hurt. My reps are here, and we are filing an action lawsuit. I came on in good faith."

The Arrested Development star went on to recall another time he was mistaken for Schiavelli during a trip to Rome. He said a waiter approached him, threw down his napkin and recited the famous line from Ghost: “Get off my train!”

Tambor joked, “I said, ‘Sir, I just ordered the pasta.’ He was imitating Vincent Schiavelli, who is a spitting image, obviously.”

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